As aDe Group, we take our part in social responsibilities. We have supported foundation of EGE Education and Rehabilitation Center for Special Children in İzmir area. The Center helps children with learning disabilities caused by Autism and related orders.

EGE Education and Rehabilitation Center for Special Children aims to offer a new and whole look to children development and treatment and targets to provide one of a kind alternative learning for every child. The Center’s accepts all children as an individual and supports their educational and communicational development socially, physically and mentally.

As a believer in ‘children learn from interaction and communication’ philosophy the Center follows DIR/Floortime approach, which underlines the importance of experience and communication in education. Therefore, according to every child’s needs the Center provides language & speaking therapy, ergo therapy, special education, mental health, physical and artistic activities.

EGE Education and Rehabilitation Center for Special Children co-operates with Soaring Eagle Academy in Chicago, USA who also adopts DIR/Floortime approach principles. The cooperation covers the fields of curriculum, implementation, service education and supervision. Hence the process leads us to offer our children world-class quality, reformist, and self-learning, unique education. Soaring Eagle Academy consultants give feedback during our children’s educational process, consequently their development and success is monitored and supported by different perspectives, too.

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