aDe Group is a full-service international import/export agency servicing wholesalers, buyers, entrepreneurs, and privately held companies. Serving successfully to major international organizations like United Nations, OSCE, NATO and US Military, our foremost expertise is sourcing products and services in Turkey, Europe, Middle East, Russia, CIS Countries and China for exportation to worldwide.

Our range of foreign trade capabilities is broad. With our strong business relationships in the region we will help organizations meet their manufacturing or technology outsourcing needs cheaply and with surprising efficiency.

Whether the company that already has a product or knows exactly what to achieve and just need sourcing, or a start-up that wants to introduce a new, previously unreleased product and need a “team partner” to bring it to mass market, the aDe Group team is able to help them.

We deliver our know-how to companies for successfully transact business with local independent companies and well-established factories in the region of our interest, according to International Trade Laws.

Transportation and Shipping

As an owner of broad transportation vehicles including helicopter, ships and tankers aDe Group transports and ships goods, freight and VIP passengers.

With 3 cargo ships and 21.000 dWt capacity we do shipping globally. And with our quick service response capability and advantageous conditions we are active specifically in Mediterranean, Black Sea, Western and Northern Europe and Western Africa. We also offer Broker and Charter services to cargo ships besides our own fleet.

Our modern, technologically and mechanically renewed truck fleet carries and transports fuel oil to various destinations.

aDe Group, owner of Dogan Airways offers domestic and international VIP flights with its Augusto 109 VIP helicopter since 2015. Being aware of time and speed, especially Istanbul based short distance flights are delivered on time with high quality standards.

Spices & Herbs

aDe Group started to supply herbs & spices to Mediterranean and Middle East in 2007. Our warehouse is located in Torbalı, Izmir/Turkey and all supply chain between foreign countries is organized by our warehouse. 

We transform raw material to high quality, customer tailor made, ready to use finished product in our modern production facilities. Depending upon the customer request, we supply our spices in whole, cut, calibrated, ground forms.

Our company is well aware of importance of maintaining high quality production standards. Therefore the products are tested regularly in order to guarantee the highest quality and best service to final consumer.

In 2011 aDe has been awarded for a Silver Medal by Izmir Chamber of Commerce for its exports services. After this period, aDe Group prioritize export for its future and gained more power since today.

In 2016, we are certified by ISO 22000:2005 for selling and buying of all kind of herbs.

aDe will continue to dedicate its presence fully to furnish the customers with the best value based on partnership and trust.

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