aDe Group understands that strong management systems are tools that help us drive performance excellence.

Which is why in March 2007, aDe Group pursued and was granted the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2008 Certification for internationally recognized management system standards.

ISO 9001:2008 is a reliable, tested, and internationally respected method to measure quality management systems.

Under the certification process, aDe Group’s Quality Management System manual, quality policy, quality objectives/benchmarks, and management review and continuous improvement processes were rigorously tested and deemed of high quality in multiple office and project site audits conducted around the globe. Annual audits hereafter ensure the integrity of the certification in the future.

ISO 9001:2008 certification is one way we ensure that aDe Group excels in providing the highest level of consistent performance excellence to our clients.

aDe Group’s Life-Preserving Principles

aDe Group ‘s “Life-Preserving Principles” helps demonstrate the commitment of our Safety for Life program. Having ISO 14001-2004 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18000-2007 Occupational Health and Safety Systems, we firmly believe these principles will enable aDe Group to achieve its goal of zero employee injuries and no property damage, as well as foster an environmentally friendly and sustainable workplace.

» Demonstrated Management Commitment — Our Executive, senior and project managers involves in all aDe Group’s work process.

» Employee Participation — We encourage our employees to participate in all, safety committees, training, audits, observations and inspections for them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

» Budgeting and Staffing for Safety — Our safety staff will be competent, fully trained and qualified to provide technical resources to our internal and external clients. A budget to support safety activities will be included in project proposals.

» Pre-Planning — Our design, engineering, project and construction management staffs will deploy effective risk mitigation efforts to design, plan and build safety into every project.

» Contractor Management — Our project staff will work closely with all our partners to provide a safe work environment for everyone.

» Recognition and Rewards — Our employees will be recognized for their efforts in working safely and their support of our safety efforts.

» Safety Orientation and Training — Our employees will be trained for safety in order to prevent injuries to themselves and others who may be affected.

» Incident Investigation — Our managers and safety professionals will investigate all recordable incidents to prevent a reoccurrence. Lessons learned shall be identified, communicated and implemented.

» Fit for Duty — Our employees are responsible to report to work regularly fit for duty and not to pose a health and safety hazard to themselves or others.

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