aDe Group is a group of companies conducting business in the fields of construction, foreign trade and education which has been founded in 1998 and successfully completed various projects in many different regions since its foundation.

Starting day one we had courage to begin from point zero. We had entrepreneurship to do business in various industries. We had devotion to transform possibilities to opportunities. Therefore, we made difference.

And today we still believe we have role to play in making real difference for our clients, our markets, our teams and our country.

Believing that a successful project is only possible if it is mastered and actively participated in, aDe Group experienced many times that involving in all processes from concept design stage to commissioning stage prevents all major potential troubles. 

aDe Group knows the importance of logistics for the success of a project. By supplying goods and services for many well-known international organizations such as United Nations, European Security Council, US Army and NATO for more than 10 years, our company is proven with a very successful track record in logistics.

Conducting difficult and complex projects in the fastest and most economical way is the main reason of the success we are nourished from.

We have the capacity to work globally and delivered challenging projects from Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Senegal and UAE in time and in budget. 

Transportation and Shipping form the backbone of modern global supply chains. Therefore with our ship and truck fleets and also airway solutions we keep people and products on the move.

Starting from 2007 we also work in export of agricultural and natural products such as herbs and spices. From our warehouse in Torbalı, Izmir we export to different foreign markets and keep expanding our target regions.

As aDe Group, we take our part in social responsibilities. We have supported foundation of EGE Education and Rehabilitation Center for Special Children in İzmir area. The Center helps children with learning disabilities caused by Autism and related orders.

aDe Group is proud of representing Turkey in the international arena as a world-class contractor.

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